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    Donald Ross

Who is Donald Ross?

donald ross bio

In the spring of 1916, the three Wells brothers, Channing, Albert and Cheney invited Donald J. Ross of Boston to come to Southbridge to consider constructing a golf course at Cohasse Farm. Ross, America's first great golf course designer approved the location and work was started in the early summer of 1916.

The trademarks of a Ross design are evident at Cohasse Country Club. His effortless designs use existing natural landscape to challenge golfers of all skill levels. His greens invite run-up shots but will give the overly bold golfer fits with deep trouble over the greens. Accurate iron play, precise handling of the short game, and consistent putting are part of the Ross test.

Ross Design Standards:

  • Make each golf hole present a different problem.
  • Arrange the course so that every stroke must be made with a full concentration and attention necessary to good golf.
  • Build each hole in such a manner that it wastes none of the ground at one’s disposal and takes advantage of every possibility.

With well-bunkered greens and lots of slope on every putt, Cohasse Country Club is a Donald Ross gem located in Southbridge, Massachusetts.