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Membership Information & Rates

Special Offers

- Special Fall Promotion for New Members

Play the remainder of the 2020 season for FREE when you pay $500 now towards 2021 dues.
  • New members that join in the B1 classification will be able to play in all remaining events; Fall League, Sunday Mornings, Fall Classic, subject to Seniority.
  • All new members outside the B1 classification will be subject to the current club playing rules.
  • Please note membership rates and classifications are subject to change as this promotion is towards final 2021 rates, not 2020 membership rates.
  • Initiation fees will be waived for this promotion.
  • New members will be responsible for the restaurant assessment for September and October.
Effective September 1. Contact us to learn more.


If you have any questions, please fill out the form below or contact membership@cohasse.com.
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Member Benefits

Our members enjoy a challenging course designed by the legendary Donald Ross. The course is known for it's beautifully manicured greens, tees, and fairways. We are strictly a golf course; we concentrate on creating the most demanding yet pleasurable course in the area. The course is built to test your skills each and every time you tee up! If you need a little extra help, our professional golf staff is ready to provide seasonal instruction. 
Cohasse has an up to date, fully stocked Pro Shop at your disposal. In the Ross Tavern, experience great food, beverages, wide screen TV's, and a relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests. 
Cohasse Country Club is privately owned by its members, with an elected Board of Directors.  

Membership Selection & Initiation 

We are excited you are considering joining Cohasse Country Club! All members are warmly welcomed. A signed application must be submitted to the Board of Governors. Pease click HERE for the Membership Application with submission instructions. 

2020 Membership Rates & Promotions 

We offer several types of memberships to help fit your golfing needs. 

Membership Rates (Age related memberships are as of November 1st of the current golf year, e.g., 11/1/19 for 2020 golf season) 


Membership Type (Under 44)

Regular Dues


Plus 1st Half of Initiation Fee

B435  Family (age 35-44)* or full individual  $2,727    $375 - Waived
B431   Family (age 31-34)* or full individual  $1,818    $375 - Waived
B425   Family (age 25-30)* or full individual  $1,035    $375 - Waived
B421   Family (age 21-24)* or full individual  $522    $375 - Waived
ST Student (age 12-20 C1 - Limited Individual)  $350    N/A

Membership Rates (44+) 


Membership Type (44+)

Regular Dues


Plus 1st Half of Initiation Fee

A1  Family (includes B1+C1+ST's)*  $3,690    $375 - Waived
A2   Family (includes B1+B1+ST's)*  $4,149    $375 - Waived
B1   Full Individual (No Restrictions)  $2,727    $375 - Waived
C1  Limited Individual (No Sat or Sunday mornings)  $2,250    $375 - Waived
BL  Weekday Individual (Mon-Fri 8-5 play only)  $1,881    $375 -Waived
MM Mileage Residence 25 miles + (No Restrictions)  $1,368    $375 - Waived
NE Weekday Limited Play (Non-Equity Membership)  $1,200    
C Corporate- (Two B-1's or design to fit your needs***)  $5,454    $375 - Waived
* Includes (1) B1, (1) C1 and any other family member who qualifies as a Student Member
**Open to new members & past members out of the club for 3 years or more. Initiation fees do not apply to past members, if previously paid in full. Initiation fee is non-refundable.  It is agreed that 2nd half of initiation fee of $375 must be paid in 2nd year.
***A corporate membership is for a minimum of two B1's and can be supplemented by the addition of any individual membership that may suit your needs.
Contact 508-764-6801 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.